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Custom wallpaper is definitely hot news on the interior design scene and everyone, interior designers and the general public alike, is showing interest in this new trend. Advantages in digital printing technology and printing substrates have made it possible to have unique custom wallpaper designed and printed specially for you at a price which compares favourably with the cost of celebrity endorsed “designer” wallpaper.
Phototex, a new substrate specially developed for printing custom wallpaper, is now available in the UK through Superchrome and is set to take the creative interior design world by storm. This revolutionary material enables the production of custom wallpaper using digital imagery from almost any image or photograph.
The use of Phototex self adhesive custom wallpaper makes it quick and easy to stamp your individuality on bedrooms, living rooms and office reception areas or create an ambience in bars, clubs and restaurants.

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Custom WallpaperWith a little imagination, anyone can come up with ideas for personalising their living space with custom wallpaper and have it made by a specialist large format printing company like Superchrome. Some suggestions for creating designs for your custom wallpaper:

  • Bring those old photos from the family album back to life and have them printed in the form of a wall mural to make a personal statement that will mean so much to your loved ones.
  • Use classic wallpaper designs from museum archives - 18th Century France, 19th Century Japan, Art Nouveau, Art Deco or 50s chic, designs from whatever era you fancy can be faithfully reproduced as custom wallpaper.
  • Take inspiration from beautiful vintage illustrations, filigree lace and antique fabrics to create your own classic custom wallpaper .with a glamorous modern twist for feature walls or a whole room scheme.


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Superchrome’s custom wallpaper is printed directly onto Phototex, a remarkably easy to use wall covering product that is as durable as it is flexible. This pre pasted wallpaper needs no additional adhesive and can be applied to any non-porous flat surface including doors, panels, exhibition shell schemes, windows and glass partitions with minimum fuss.  Its low tack, repositionable adhesive backing means Superchrome custom wallpaper can be installed quickly and easily by almost everyone.

Superchrome can print custom wallpaper directly from digital images. Alternatively we can scan prints, negatives or even a piece of vintage wallpaper to produce high definition digital files for printing your custom wallpaper. If necessary we can crop images and modify the colour to complement your colour scheme.
Because it does not harm the surface it is applied to and can be easily removed without leaving any marks, Superchrome’s custom wallpaper is ideally suited for short term use in rented accommodation, retail outlets, exhibition stands and conference venues.


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